SUPER through the school day - A VISION? Kassel Study on Reducing Stress Experiences in the Teaching Profession

The study analyzes the correlations between teachers' experience of stress and various school-related and personal factors. The focus is on the extent to which teachers have had experiences with supervision or intervision or have participated in such support offers.

For this purpose, a questionnaire with open and closed questions is developed for an online survey. A total of 346 teachers of different school types from all over Germany participated in the survey. About half of the participants in our survey have had their own experiences with supervision or intervision to support and improve the everyday life of teachers and were able to report valuable information about the implementation, effectiveness and limitations of such support measures. It appears that teachers who currently or in the past five years have participated in at least one of these supports tend to report positive impacts. These effects relate to improvements in the areas of job satisfaction, job strain, and cooperation within the teaching staff.