Accessibility 2022 - a report on the survey of students and staff of Faculty 01 in November 2022 on structural barriers (11/2022- 11/2023)

Project description

This report presents the results of the "Accessibility 2022" survey, which was conducted in November 2022 in Faculty 01 at the University of Kassel. With the aim of gaining an overview of the Faculty's structural barriers, all students and staff of the Faculty were asked to contribute their perspectives. As barriers were defined as obstacles for everyone, it was possible to record barriers for both the 100 disabled/chronically ill and the 180 non-disabled survey participants. Which barriers were identified, in which buildings they are particularly present and what is recommended with regard to their removal can be found in the report.

Link to the "Accessibility 2022" report


Head: Prof. Dr. Marianne Hirschberg, Representative for Studies and Disability in Faculty 01

Student assistant: Carla Krayer