BMBF research project 01NV1728 "Inclusive education in literacy practice and in the second-chance education system - qualifications, skills and needs of teaching staff" (INAZ), period 04/2018 - 07/2021

Project description

The inclusion practice in literacy courses and in the second educational pathway at adult education centers was examined. The project is based on the human rights principle of inclusion, the human rights obligations entered into by the Federal Republic of Germany to make education accessible to all, and their transfer to adult education.

The aim of the research project was to professionalize inclusive educational practice in literacy and in the second-chance education system (especially in the area of catch-up secondary school qualifications). The target groups of the study were literacy course instructors, teachers of the second educational pathway (secondary school leaving certificate), continuing education teachers, those responsible for the respective educational institutions (e.g. adult education centres), adult education and professionalization research.

The project aimed to answer two central questions relating to inclusive educational practice in literacy and in the second-chance education system:

(F1) What experience, skills and qualifications do teachers in literacy courses and the second-chance education system have?
(Q2 ) What needs are there? What resistance and what conditions for success can be identified?

Methodical approach

The research project is divided into two survey parts: Firstly, three group discussions were held with teachers from literacy courses and the second educational pathway. Here, examples of good practice as well as resistance to inclusive educational practice were discussed. A questionnaire was then developed on the basis of these group discussions, containing questions on qualifications, inclusion requirements, experiences and practices, as well as possible resistance. This part of the survey was conducted with teachers in the "literacy" and "catch-up school-leaving qualifications" program areas at German adult education centres. The results of both parts of the study were used to develop and test a training module, which subsequently led to a nationwide training course for teachers in literacy and second-chance education. The project was concluded with a final conference at Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

INAZ training module

The materials for the training module will soon be available for download here.


Prof. Dr. Marianne Hirschberg

Research assistants

Dr. Franziska Bonna (04/18 - 09/20), Helge Stobrawe (04/18 - 07/21)