Completed research projects (list)

Accessibility 2022 - a report on the survey of Faculty 01 students and staff in November 2022 on structural barriers (11/2022- 11/2023)

Learning from Postcolonial, Decolonial and Indigenous Studies. A scoping review.

Research into the situation of disabled and mentally ill Jewish people under National Socialism, Oct 2021 - Feb 2022

Having human rights or being able to exercise them? Reflection on Hannah Arendt's postulate of the right to have rights for disabled people (07/2020 - 02/2022)

PROMI-funded project "Wheelchair Use and Wheelchair Acceptance in the Context of Ableism, Stigma and Doing Dis_ability" (01/2016-06/2021)

InWi-funded project "Participation of young people with disabilities in international youth work. Access routes and access barriers" (06/2015-03/2018)

"Projekt Leichte Sprache - Wissenschaftliche Begleitung des Entwicklungsprojekts der Schleswiger Werkst├Ątten der NGD-Gruppe in Kooperation mit den Stadtwerken Schleswig", cooperation project with the University of Hamburg (03-12/2016)

DFG proposal HI 2043/1-1 "Between Participation and Exclusion: The Issue of Disability in Germany and Israel", cooperation project with Dr. Roni Holler, Center of Disability Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (invitation to submit a revised proposal)