The collegial case consultation (KFB) is a structured form of group work accompanying practice, in which pedagogical action problems are analyzed and concrete solution possibilities are developed.
In a KFB, students have the opportunity to systematically consult cases from their own pedagogical practice. The groups are led by trained student case group leaders (FGL) from SELF.

It is especially recommended for students who have already completed the first internship and/or are in practice (including SHK/tutor:ing, other part-time jobs).

We offer the collegial case consultation for
- Students of the teaching profession,
- all students of the department 01*,
- Teachers who would like to integrate KFB into their courses (RENT A KFB).

For questions, comments and/or appointment requests, please feel free to contact us by phone or email!

*financed by decentralized project funds of the department 01.