Ongoing project "Performance and Pathologization", together with Dr. Steffen Wittig and Julia Golle, Goal: DFG research funding
- International conference "School and Pathologization" together with Julia Golle, Ralf Parade, Dr. Steffen Wittig, University of Kassel, November 11-13, 2021.
- In planning: Introductory volume "Performance" in the series "Grundrisse der Erziehungswissenschaft" by Kohlhammer-Verlag
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Ongoing research in the context of "Education - Democracy - Emotions".
recent publications:
- Mayer, Ralf/Wittig, Steffen (2021): Gaze and fear. In: Fuchs, Thorsten/Meseth, Wolfgang/Thompson, Christiane/Zirfas, Jörg (Eds.): Erziehungswirklichkeiten in Zeiten von Angst und Verunsicherung. Weinheim/Basel: Beltz Juventa, pp. 28-46.
- Mayer, Ralf/Wittig, Steffen (2020): Equality and articulation. In Casale, Rita/Rieger-Ladich, Markus/Thompson, Christiane (eds.): Un-/Zugehörigkeit. Weinheim/Basel: Beltz Juventa, pp. 123-141.
- Schenk, Sabrina/Hoffarth, Britta/Mayer, Ralf (2020): Populism, Protest - and Political Education. Social movement(s) in tensions of affect, rationality and practices of critique in public space. In: Ackeren, Isabell van et al. (eds.): Movements. Contributions to the 26th Congress of the German Society for Educational Science. Opladen/Berlin/Toronto 2020: Barbara Budrich, pp. 627-639.
- Mayer, Ralf/Schäfer, Alfred (eds.) (2019): Populism - Enlightenment - Democracy. Baden-Baden: Nomos
- Mayer, Ralf (2019): Outrage as an educational problem or impulse? In: Mayer, Ralf/Schäfer, Alfred (eds.): Populism - Enlightenment - Democracy. Baden-Baden: Nomos, pp. 245-277
- Mayer, Ralf/Schäfer, Alfred/Wittig, Steffen (eds.) (2019): Jacques Rancière - pedagogical border crossings. Wiesbaden: Springer VS
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"Sexualized Violence in School Institutions", in cooperation with different actors*.
current publications:
- Golle, Julia/Wittig, Steffen/Mayer, Ralf (2021): Beziehungsarbeit - Eine Diskursanalyse zur Frage nach der Konstitution pädagogischer Räume. In: Rieske, Thomas Viola et al. (eds.): Professional ethics after 2010. sexuality and power in school and social work. Wiesbaden: Springer VS (in publication).
- Glaser, Edith/Mayer, Ralf/Retkowski, Alexandra (eds.) (2021): Sexualized violence in school settings. Analyses and consequences for pedagogical research, education and practice. Weinheim/Basel: Beltz Juventa.
- In the volume "Introduction" and contribution "Power and Silence."

Research College Educational Regimes, together with Prof. Dr. Andreas Eis, Prof. Dr. Verena Freytag, Prof. Dr. Dirk Stederoth, Dr. Steffen Wittig. Since December 2019 (funding: own funds so far).

"Co-designing educational institutions - an interdisciplinary teaching/learning platform", together with Prof. Dr. Ute Clement, Prof. Dr. Barbara Koch, Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Kuhn and Prof. Dr. Christian Schmidt. Duration: 4/2018 to 9/2019 (Funding: Central Research Funding, University of Kassel and own funds).