In the field of General Educational Science, the differentiated thematization of educational scientific views, concepts and practices forms the center of research and teaching. It is important to take seriously that pedagogy is concerned with problems with which we are confronted in theory formation, empiricism and practice.
Pedagogical terms and programmatics, intentions or goals are therefore not understood in a fixed - for example definitional - way, but the staff members of the department start with the perspective, which is to be understood broadly, that 'we' 'have to deal' with the 'world' - with politics, economy, law, ... with things, with other people, with media and technology - from the very beginning and that this dealing cannot be understood without social contexts: contexts which we have not chosen, which are characterized by power relations, by difference, inequality etc.. This understanding can be brought into view with terms such as Bildung, Erziehung, learning, socialization, subjectification and questions related to them. The different perspectives and problem constellations can seldom be narrowed down strictly disciplinary.
In this sense, it becomes clear that general educational science discusses different scientific approaches, interdisciplinary theoretical strands and much more. The aspect of the general aims at the critical reflection of pedagogical conceptions and justifications, at theory formation, institutional points of view and practice, as well as at the question of the systematics and situatedness of a specific knowledge, an attitude, a position.