Task area

Since March 2012, Didactic Director of the Elementary School Workshop/Pedagogical Laboratory at the University of Kassel in the Institute for Educational Science (IfE). Managing Director of the Interdisciplinary Elementary School Pedagogy Unit (RInG). Project supervisor of the student assistance project Project K. Member of the board of directors of the Institute of Educational Science.

  • Introduction to the learning workshop for first-year students,
  • Seminar "Explorative and project-oriented learning in elementary school
  • Seminar "School development - action research in elementary schools
  • Project K - Accompanying children and learning to understand
  • Seminar "Observation of discovering and project-oriented learning processes in the elementary school" Compact seminar
  • Practical project: Cross-phase research-based learning in the elementary school workshop
  • Recording and documentation of the development of the "Flexible Entrance Mare (Flex)" in the city and district of Kassel in cooperation with the Kassel School Authority (Dr. Ernst Purmann) and the school councils.
  • Research project on the possibilities of developing homework into individual learning times in cooperation with a Kassel elementary school.
  • Structural development of the learning workshop into an integrated learning, project and research workshop.

Since August 2009 research associate (Akademischer Rat a.Z.) and responsible for the organization and development of the advanced training program in higher education didactics as well as new workshop formats, especially in the area of course planning and reflection; support of learning strategies; use of feedback procedures and evaluation for the quality development of one's own teaching; research-based learning; activating teaching/learning methods; relationship of teaching, learning and examination on the foil of "Constructive Alignment"; consulting on questions of innovative further development of one's own teaching and monitoring of these study program development processes.

Solicitation, planning, organization and evaluation of innovative teaching-learning projects. Currently leading two research workshops for students (STEM teacher education and in the humanities, cultural and social sciences).

Teaching in the Education Department of Faculty 12 Education and Sociology. Teaching and student advising in the theory-practice module (master's phase), in the field of education and mediation (BiWi) and the introductory pedagogical internship (PEP, BA). Extensive involvement in examination procedures in the context of the 1st state examination or master's examination (written examinations, oral examinations, state or master's theses).

Within the framework of the NRW Higher Education Didactics Network, collaboration in the nationwide higher education didactics network, in particular in the "Quality Development" working group on the development of competence-oriented evaluation instruments (questionnaire/teaching portfolio).