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Lectures in lecture series, guest seminars at universities

  • 2020           Literary practices in elementary school - example: writing, University of Bamberg
  • 2019           The weekly writing time - a model for inclusive teaching Guest lecture in the STIFT lecture series, University of Hanover
  • 2017           Writing and spelling - individualized and collaborative ways of learning. Guest lecture and teacher training, University of Dresden
  • 2014           Spelling - in the common house of learning. Guest lecture in the event series "How much spelling do primary school children need?", University of Kassel
  • 2013           Individual learning paths in writing and spelling. Guest lecture, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich
  • 2011           Individually meaningful writing as the basis of writing competence development. Guest lecture in the lecture series "Reading and Writing: Learner Perspectives and Skill Experiences", University of Hamburg
  • 2010           Writing, reflecting, revising and presenting your own texts. Teaching assignment, University of Bremen, winter semester 2009/10
  • 2008           "Valuing every child!" Film presentation and discussion on writing in elementary school. Guest event Goethe University Frankfurt

Lectures at scientific conferences

  • 2019           Authors' rounds as a context for collaborative work on formulations - observations from elementary school, theS Summer School for Empirical Didactic Writing Research, University of Münster
  • 2018           Authors' rounds. Theoretical reconstruction of children's literary competences in elementary school through conversations about their own texts - an interdisciplinary study Symposion Deutschdidaktik (SDD), University of Hamburg
  • 2017           Authors' rounds. Development of children's literary skills in elementary school WG Writing Language Acquisition in the SDD, University of Paderborn
  • 2017           Conversations about own texts in authors' rounds - initiation of literary identity within a writing community, conference on the topic: Writing texts in primary school. Approaches to children's perspectives. University of Koblenz
  • 2014           Reflection on the quality of own texts in writers' groups - case documentation. SDD, University of Basel
  • 2012           Literary procedures in the context of own texts. SDD, University of Augsburg
  • 2012           Inclusion in German lessons - example: writing time. dgls conference, University of Bielefeld

Lectures and workshops at specialist conferences and congresses

  • 2020           Collaborative work on formulations in the context of authoring rounds. German symposium at the Hamburg State Institute
  • 2020             Individual spelling training and joint spelling discussions. German symposium at the Hamburg State Institute
  • 2019           Living in writing - writing in life. Federal Primary School Congress, Frankfurt
  • 2019           Individual and joint learning paths in writing. Lecture series "100 years of elementary school" of the Stuttgart Regional Council
  • 2018           Reading through writing - A critical look back and forward. Reading through writing conference in Weimar
  • 2018           Writing time - training literary skills. German symposium at the Hamburg State Institute  
  • 2018           Authors' rounds - Acquisition of educational language. German "Language of Education" symposium at the Hamburg State Institute
  • 2018           Writing as a way to develop personal and professional potential. Education Congress Archive of the Future, Lüneburg
  • 2016           Authors' rounds. Thinking together about the qualities of your own texts - learning in dialog. Annual Conference on Dialogic Learning, University of Teacher Education Zug/Switzerland
  • 2016           Writing well and correctly - on the basis of your own texts. German symposium at the Landesinstitut Hamburg
  • 2016           Developing writing skills by reflecting on text quality. German symposium "Strengthening writing" at the Hamburg State Institute
  • 2015           Writing in multicultural primary, middle and upper school classes. QUIMS conference (Quality in multicultural schools), Zurich University of Teacher Education
  • 2015           Children on the way to writing - with and without basic vocabulary (lecture and workshop). Kick-off event for the introduction of the Bremen basic vocabulary
  • 2015           Working with a basic vocabulary. Primary school day on the new CurriculumPLUS Bavaria/Primary School Association
  • 2014           Good and happy (correct) writing. Symposium of the Germanist Association, Sankelmark
  • 2014           Writing as a way of developing individual potential. Archive of the Future education congress, Bregenz
  • 2014           Learning to spell - structured, systematic, individual. Conference on learning to write and spell, LISUM Berlin/Brandenburg
  • 2013           "Klasse Texte" - developing writing skills in the classroom. dgls conference, Berlin
  • 2013           LRS - What can teaching with everyone achieve? Masterplan LRS conference, Berlin
  • 2013           Writing individually meaningful texts - working together on texts. QUIMS conference (Quality in multicultural schools), Zurich University of Teacher Education
  • 2010           Individualization in writing in elementary school. International dgls anniversary conference, Berlin
  • 2009           Promoting and evaluating writing
  • 2007           Summer Academy Innsbruck University of Teacher Education

Further events on the topics of writing, spelling, reading, inclusion, etc.

  • since 2010     Further training courses with colleges from reform schools (including school award-winning schools) and schools abroad (e.g. Montessori Oberschule Potsdam, Reformschule      Kassel-Waldau, Helene-Lange-Schule Wiesbaden, Deutsche Schule Oslo)
  • since 2002     Lectures and workshops as part of annual conferences (e.g. in the series Schrift, Schreiben, Schriftlichkeit, Hessisches Kultusministerium, Schulanfangstagungen in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, further training for volunteer reading mentors, Verein Mentor Lübeck)
  • Since 1995     Qualification measures for teachers and trainers in various federal states (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin). Federal states (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin/Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Thuringia)