Mentorate (Ecclesiastical Study Support)

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In order to be able to teach religious education later on, an authorization from the religious community is required - in addition to the successful completion of studies at a university. For the Catholic Church, this is the Kirchliche Unterrichtserlaubnis (church teaching permit), without which no religious education classes may be taught during the traineeship. It is applied for at the end of the studies at the diocese of Fulda. Proof of participation in the mentoring program must be provided in the form of the so-called "Studienbegleitbrief". The Mentorat accompanies the students on the way to the commissioning.

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"Mentorship is ..." - Voices from students

- Rebecca (Student)

The Mentorate is a place to come together where sharing, fellowship, creativity, and discovering new things together are central.

- Rebecca (Student)

- Minh Dang (Student)

For me, mentorship is how shared faith is imagined and desired.

- Minh Dang (Student)

- Saskia (Student)

It is a constant encounter with oneself, one's friends and one's faith in ever different ways.

- Saskia (Student)

- Johannes (Student)

The mentorate connects us students through the diverse offerings, such as pilgrimages, cooking and baking evenings, conversations or game and movie nights and accompanies us on our personal faith journey during our studies.

- Johannes (Student)

- (Anonymous)

The mentorship is a meaningful addition to the study of theology, a place of encounter as well as a way of arriving in Kassel.

- (Anonymous)


Beatrix Ahr supports the students as a mentor. She holds a degree in theology and is a pastoral counselor and is responsible for all student teachers of Catholic theology at the University of Kassel in the diocese of Fulda.

What and why?

In the Mentorat, an institution of the diocese of Fulda,  you will be trained until you apply for the "Ecclesiastical Teaching Permit"church teaching license. So you always have two pillars: a big one in the university, during your studies - and next to it a small one in the mentorate.
The ecclesiastical study support in the mentorate offers you a forum for exchange and encounter with other students, for dealing with professional and ecclesiastical topics, with personal questions of faith, doubts and much more.
The mentorate supports you in developing and representing a reflected point of view in the Catholic faith and in the Church. This takes place in the form of binding elements, which are described in the so-called "Study Companion", and open offers, which are designed by students as a semester program.


Venue / Office:
Mönchebergstr. 29
34125 Kassel (above campus)

0561-8705 7775

All current events are regularly posted on Instagram "katholischetheologieunikassel" and published in the semester program.

The mentorate and the institute are in constant and trustful contact with each other.

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