Examination regulations and study books

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Examination regulations

Examination regulations are an important orientation aid for studies. They regulate the content, requirements, timing and procedures of the examinations for a particular course of study.

An important part of the examination regulations is the study and examination plan (in older regulations also the module handbook) and often an exemplary study plan. This shows which course should be taken in which semester. Examination regulations also have legal significance.

With their binding regulations, they form the legal basis for examinations and are primarily intended to ensure equal opportunities. For students, this results in certain rights and obligations.

Study books

The study books accompany students throughout their studies and serve as written documentation of their studies. All courses taken and examinations passed for the respective modules are recorded here. In addition, the study book provides information on which courses are compulsory for the corresponding module - it therefore also serves to facilitate orientation in the course of study. Students should therefore take good care of their study book and keep it as up-to-date as possible at all times.