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Student Counseling Catholic Theology

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Luise Nolte

14th semester, L4 - in the Master's: 4th semester

Subject combination: Business Education with Catholic Religion as a second subject

I am Luise Nolte, the student advisor at the IKTh. I have been studying at the University of Kassel since October 2017.
In the summer semester 2024, I will again be available to answer all your questions about studying and organizational problems.

Consultation hours in summer semester 2024: Tuesdays from 14:00 to 16:00 - it usually takes place in room 1127/1128, Henschelstraße 2.

Contact by e-mail:

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Mentoring program of the FB 02

Men­to­ring-con­zept of the In­sti­tuts
for Ka­tho­li­sche Theo­lo­gie

As part of the mentoring program of the FB 02, the Institute of Catholic Theology offers mentoring for students at the beginning of their studies for support, advice and guidance during the first period of the study of theology.

Students have the opportunity to turn to a trusted advisor from the group of female professors at the IKTh, with whom they can discuss any questions they may have about their studies, develop plans for a well-structured course of study, and reflect on the status of their studies. 

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As a rule, a total of three mentoring appointments are offered:

The first appointment usually takes place in the winter semester, and is designed as a mentoring day. Here all freshmen are contacted and invited.
The mentoring day usually takes place as a group event with all three female professors. On the one hand, this has the advantage that the students get to know all the professors personally and can address questions to all of them. On the other hand, this also ensures the uniformity and comprehensive character of the advisory service.

At the end of this event, students can sign up for one of the mentor lists on display and thus choose their mentor. Students who do not appear will be assigned to a mentor.

The second appointment, which takes place at the beginning of each summer semester, is an individual (= related to one's own mentor) mentoring meeting
or event specifically designated as such.

Here all second semester students will be contacted. 

The same applies to the third appointment, which takes place in the following summer semester (for students in their fourth semester).