Advanced training concepts for language-sensitive subject teaching

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Development and evaluation of a training concept for language-sensitive subject teaching (Sek. I) for trainers in the state education authorities and for teachers at public schools.

Many students from intensive classes are now in regular classes where they continue to need language support. Teachers are therefore increasingly faced with the challenge  of providing integrative language support in their subject. As part of the three-year cooperation project between the Department of German as a Foreign Language (DaFZ) at the University of Kassel and the Hessian Teachers' Academy, which began at the beginning of 2018, further training concepts focusing on "language-sensitive subject teaching" are being developed, tested, and evaluated both for further training instructors and for teachers at secondary level 1. The aim is to develop concepts which, due to their structure and content, should guarantee long-term effectiveness at the planning or teaching level. Participants in the training events receive methodological-didactic impulses for planning and implementing their lessons in a way that promotes language and, in the form of practical exploration projects (PEPs), try out materials, strategies and principles they have created themselves, which are presented and discussed during the training events and applied in micro-teaching sessions. In addition to teaching teaching principles and strategies, the focus is on content-related topics such as subject-specific language structures and tasks as well as language simplification and promotion.