About us

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Climate Thinking was initiated in 2019 as a project by Felix Böhm, Martin Böhnert, Paul Reszke and Murat Sezi from the ranks of the GeKKo doctoral program. Already in 2020, it was anchored as a teaching and research focus of the Department of Humanities and Cultural Studies at the University of Kassel. Since 2022, Climate Thinking has existed as an IAG (Interdisciplinary Working Group). Currently, 17 PhD students and post-docs work in the IAG of the graduate project.

We understand the continuous expansion and complementation of our methodological inventory as a necessary process to make those interconnections of thinking and living habits accessible, which constitute the problem complexes of climate crisis and sustainability in their overall social embedding.

Our previous approaches include discourse linguistics, epistemology, cultural anthropology, media linguistics, ecofeminism, post colonial studies, science and technology studies, language didactics, environmental ethics, environmental history, history and philosophy of science.


The coordination of the IAG (Martin Böhnert & Johannes Thüne) can be reached at iag[at]climate-thinking.de.

The Climate Thinking logo; the words Climate Thinking centered in a circle.

Why the name "Climate Thinking"?

Climate Thinking was originally a working title used jokingly in a small circle, despite - or perhaps because of - its grammatical incorrectness. It refers to another project of two of the initiators of Climate Thinking, Martin Böhnert and Paul Reszke: "From Binge Watching to Binge Thinking". Since the spontaneously developed project quickly gained new members, the name spread beyond the small circle, was used as a matter of course, and ultimately also very quickly became anchored at the Department of Humanities and Cultural Studies at the University of Kassel, we decided to keep the name.

Thus, on the one hand, the name reflects the dynamics that always accompany and shape research processes. On the other hand, this grammatical unusualness of the phrase Climate Thinking also ensures that the project can be found quickly and without duplications via search engines.