Talk by Prof. Dr. Mi You: What are we (not) talking about when we talk about rethinking the internet?

In this talk, Prof. You will dive into the underlying architecture of the internet and question the design logic that determines the way we connect and communicate. This includes alternative histories of computation in China and the Soviet Union, which may inform networks that could have been. At the same time, in this talk, Prof. You will discuss the social support networks that are in stark contrast to the financialized and technologized versions of ‘social networks’. These inquiries will be supplemented with artistic works that rework the history of computation through retro-sci-fictions and imagine possible future internet application designs that prioritize interpersonal relations.


Meeting ID: 929 8612 0806


Mi You is a professor for Kunst und Ökonomien at the Documenta Institute and the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kassel

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