29.11.2022 | Kunst und Ökonomien

Yogyakarta Biennale Symposium

Equator Symposium Online Series | 29. November 2022

The Equator Symposium is one of the main programs of Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation. The symposium is international in scale, involving specialists and practitioners from various nations which can be included in the breadth and scope of the equatorial line. Within the framework of an expert and knowledgeable discourse, the Equator Symposium will be cross-disciplinary, although its focus of attention is contemporary art. In this way the practice and discourse of contemporary art requires an open space, inclusive and ready to accept various critical studies that are relevant and sourced from a variety of disciplines and fields of expertise. The Equator Symposium will also function as an effort to develop networks amongst individuals and institutions who can activate the role of experts and practitioners of Indonesian contemporary art at an international scale.

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