The demographic and technological change strengthen the relevance of efficient continuing education and knowledge management measures. This is also reflected in the sanitary, heating and conditioning branch. Especially the rapid progress of environmentally friendly technologies puts high demands on the employees. Traditional concepts of continuing education do not come up with these new deployments.

The joint research project „BlendedContENT: Blended Continuing Education with New Technologies” follows the purpose to conceive innovative learning scenarios which are didactically effective and economically efficient. This is achieved by the intelligent use of information and communication technologies and a stronger integration of the learner in the learning process. The application of Web 2.0 tools and mobile technologies is supposed to enable learning processes close to the workplace. The project involves the development of didactic concepts, multimedia learning content and suitable software tools. The learning scenarios are designed with the use of service engineering methods. The provided concepts, learning contents and tools are getting piloted and evaluated in the scope of continuing education offer in the sanitary, heating and climate branch. The solutions shall be evaluated with regard to the didactic outcomes as well as economic success. In conclusion a higher productivity of the new learning offers shall be proved.

Project Team

  • Kassel University, Information Systems, Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister
  • Kassel University, Chair of Communication Technology, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus David
  • Institut Ingenium GmbH, Dr. Andreas Lischka
  • shk-aktiv² Unternehmensberatung GbR, Hubert Verständig

Supporting authorities

The project BlendedContENT is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and supported by the Project Management Agency of the German Aerospace Center.
Promotional Reference: 01PF08022A

Contact Persons

  • Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister
  • René Wegener