Student Portal

Project aims & content

It is planned to establish a Campus-Management-System for the University of Kassel. The system shall serve as a central platform for information, processes and applications, which integrates all business processes of the university. Furthermore, the system shall offer a comprehensive identity management and personalized (user-specific) access to applications and information. The Campus-Management-System consists of three sub-systems, namely the student, the research and the administration portal, which are to be implemented step-by-step. The introduction of the student portal is planned first. It covers and simplifies student processes and serves as a central information portal. This enables faster and more user-friendly access to learning, service and administration data.

This sub-project aims at collecting the student processes in the departments 07 and 15. It also includes the conception and conduction of necessary preliminary work for the implementation of a student portal. This implies a requirements analysis including the determination and characterization of user groups, the collection of business processes and the analysis of existing IT tools, which support these processes, compared with a targeted user survey. The obtained results of the requirements analysis will be coordinated with the Service Center Lehre, the IT-Servicezentrum and the involved departments. Finally, they will be summarized for a specification. Subsequently, there will be an analysis of existing tools on the market which could serve the purpose of the student portal for Kassel University. Based on these considerations, the student portal shall be conceptualized and tested in order to serve as a potential large-scale application for the university.

Project participants

  • Fachgebiet Produktionsorganisation und Fabrikplanung (Prof. S. Wenzel), Servicecenter Lehre, IT-Servicezentrum.

Contact Persons

  • Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister
  • Axel Hoffmann
  • Christoph Peters