Joint project: Digitalisation in organic farming (DigiPlus) 2022-2025

Project Objective:

The subject of the planned project "DigiPlus" is the establishment of a future farm, on which the possibilities and limits of digitization under the conditions of organic farming (ÖL) are worked out. For this reason, digitization approaches are to be tested for their transferability in organic farming at the Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen and potentials of digitization for organic farms are to be developed. With the focus on organic farming (ÖL), the entire value chain in the area of both plant and animal production will be examined and covered in more detail in this joint project. In addition to production-related areas, nature conservation and biodiversity aspects will be examined and the entire production chain will be illuminated. Here, all areas are to be linked to a quality management system with the help of digital tools and the socio-ecological dimension of digitalization is to be illuminated. In addition, it is planned to integrate a further training component. The main branches of the business, animal and plant production, are the focus of the project.


30.11.2022 - 29.12.2025

Contact person at FÖL

Project management and partners:

  • Head: Prof. Dr. Oliver Hensel, University of Kassel, Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Kassel
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Beneke, Georg-August University of Göttingen, Department of Agricultural Engineering

  • Dr. Christian Krutzinna, Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen


Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (experimental field "Farms of the Future")