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Short film about the teaching and experimental farm Domäne Frankenhausen

As part of a student project, a very watchable short film about the domain was created.

Common good economy

"The common good economy establishes an ethical economic model.
The well-being of people and the environment becomes the primary goal of economic activity."

As part of a student project, a common good balance sheet has been drawn up for the Frankenhausen domain.
In a balance sheet for the common good, the economic success of a company is examined and evaluated according to more comprehensive criteria than monetary ones: ethical aspects as well as social cooperation in a company, fair economic and trade relations along the entire value chain, and the ecological sustainability of economic activity play a major role in the evaluation.

Based on this common good balance sheet, it is now possible to continuously work on improvement processes towards the common good at the domain.
Since 2020, the domain has been a member of Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie e.V. and thus supports the establishment of an ethical and sustainable economic model.

Film about our carrot cultivation

At the Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen, carrot cultivation is an important mainstay of agricultural production. For the marketing initiative "Bio mit Gesicht" (Organic with a Face), Ines Reinisch made a film that accompanies carrot cultivation from sowing to harvesting, storage and marketing.