Teaching and research

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Research at the Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen

A working unit "Versuchswesen Ökologischer Landbau" was established on the Frankenhausen domain for all experimental activities and investigations at the site. Approximately 20 ha are available for plant cultivation trials.

The "glass factory

Essential for the connection of the teaching in the course of study Ecological Agriculture of the faculty 11, but also of other courses of study, of the University of Kassel and the teaching and experimental farm Frankenhausen is the exact collection and continuous registration of most different data of the agricultural business. For example, the soil-biological, -chemical and -physical parameters, the keeping of acreage registers and stall books, the documentation of landscape development, open bookkeeping etc. are to be collected and made comprehensible. The aim is to make the farm transparent to the outside world and to students in its development. On the one hand, this data is to be incorporated into corresponding lectures/seminars (e.g. soil science, ecology, business management) and on the other hand, it is to be disclosed during farm visits.