Wirtschaftsbetrieb Hessische Staatsdomäne Frankenhausen

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Of the land (approx. 316 ha) of the Hessian state domain Frankenhausen, with an average soil score of 60 (range: 38-87 soil points), 207 ha of the total farm area is currently farmed as arable land and 39 ha as grassland. Over 40 ha are available exclusively for field trials and a further 24 ha are used as flowering and nature conservation areas for biotope networking.

The farm has extensive building capacity, which has been a listed building since summer 1998.

Since 1998, a dairy herd of around 100 cows of the endangered dual-purpose breed "German Black and Tan Lowland Cattle" has been established on the estate. All of the female offspring remain on the farm to supplement the herd or for fattening. Four bulls currently complete the herd of cattle.
230 chickens live in a mobile barn, and the male roosters are fattened in another mobile barn.