Innovation Networks Resource Efficiency (InRess) Compost Network (2019-2023)

Innovation Networks Resource Efficiency (InRess) Compost Network (2019-2023)

The objective is the establishment, expansion and moderation of a regional innovation network with a focus on the use of high-quality secondary raw materials (biowaste compost), initially in the region of Northern Hesse (city and district of Kassel and Werra-Meissner district).

Different actors from research and consulting of biowaste recycling as well as the specialists along the value chain, as well as the consumers, shall be brought together in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary way to work together on the challenges for a high-quality nutrient recycling by biogut composts.

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October 01, 2019 until March 31, 2023

Participants in FÖL

Dr. Christian Bruns

Dr. Nikolas Zöller

Other disciplines involved


The compost network is part of a project to strengthen the transfer of knowledge and technology and is supported by ERDF funds from the Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank Hessen.