Screening of site-adapted new varieties of edible poppy varieties in Hesse and Thuringia

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Project background and objectives

Problem definition

In Germany, the cultivation of poppies is regulated by the Narcotics Act, which only provides for the cultivation of low-morphine varieties. Currently, only 3 low-morphine varieties are authorized for domestic cultivation. Due to these restrictions, no poppy breeding has been carried out in Germany to date, as the small area under cultivation did not justify the high cost of breeding work and the restrictions of the Federal Opium Agency did not allow any breeding work to be carried out in this country. Currently, the greatest obstacle to the stabilization and expansion of poppy cultivation is seen in the availability of high-performance, site-adapted varieties and the provision of key figures on the agronomic characteristics of available varieties.

Planned innovation and objectives

The objectives of the project are to expand the range of low-morphine poppy varieties, to provide site-adapted variety material for the different climatic regions in Hesse and Thuringia and to stabilize the seed supply in Germany. In addition, a stable supply structure for certified poppy seed from organic cultivation is to be established in Hesse in order to provide a sustainable supply of seed for German cultivation. This will offer Hessian agriculture a diversification of the range of crops and open up new sources of income.

Project structure

The FÖL is researching site-adapted varieties and cultivation systems for poppy together with practical farms in Hesse and Thuringia, Ökoplant, the LLH, Dr. Georg Dobos and the Hessische Staatsdomäne Frankenhausen.


01.01.2024 - 31.12.2027

Participants in the FÖL

Other parties involved - Operational Group

Associated partners


The Operational Group "Poppy Varieties" is funded by the EU as part of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP-Agri) and the State of Hesse as part of the CAP Strategic Plan for the Federal Republic of Germany.

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