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Name, Forename Contact
Uni.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kirchner, Jakob
Head of department
Kirchner, Jakob
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Racky, Peter
Head of department - Construction Management
Image: Bethke Kassel
Racky, Peter
Obronczka-Sturm, Beate
Secretariat of Construction Informatics
Obronczka-Sturm, Beate
Winter, Marina
Sekretariat Baubetriebswirtschaft
Winter, Marina
M.Sc. Compagnone, Philipp
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter
Compagnone, Philipp
M.Sc. Kurzawa, Marian
Research and Teaching Assistant
Kurzawa, Marian
Dr.-Ing. Schleicher, Melanie
Schleicher, Melanie
Schaffland, Marvin
IT System Administrator
Schaffland, Marvin
Dr.-Ing. Schopbach, Holger
Akademischer Rat
Schopbach, Holger
B.Sc. Sennhenn, Andre
Technischer Mitarbeiter
Sennhenn, Andre
Gotters, Simon
Student Assistant
Gotters, Simon
B.Sc. Hildebrand, Jan
Student Assistant
Hildebrand, Jan