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Service behavior of cold recycled construction materials for bitumen-stabilized surface courses

CoRePaSol is sponsored by:

Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR).

Project Duration:

January 2013  to December 2014

Project partners:

  • Czech technical university in Prague, Czech Republic
    (project management)
  • University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, I.P., Portugal
  • Wirtgen GmbH, Germany

Content and goals

Cold recycling (CR) materials consist of road construction material produced in granulated form by means of bitumen emulsion or foamed bitumen and cement directly at the paving site (in-situ) or in the mixing plant. Cold processing enables road construction materials to be recycled into flexible road pavements without the need for heating. Furthermore, road construction materials containing tar pitch can be bound and recycled using this method. The performance of this material is characterized by viscoelastic properties of the binder bitumen, rigid properties due to the addition of cement and plastic properties due to the incomplete binder coating of the aggregate mixture. 

The aim of CoRePaSol is to develop construction material tests, formulation proposals and dimensioning procedures for cold recycled mixes suitable for European harmonization in preparation for a European standard.

Within the framework of the joint project, the SG Construction and Maintenance of Transport Routes is responsible for the following tasks in the project:

    • Influence of compaction methods on mechanical properties of CRC construction materials.
    • Influence of the road construction material on the mechanical properties of KRC mixes
    • Development of a dimensioning procedure for pavements with cold recycling materials
    • Recyclability of cold recycling construction materials at the end of their service life