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POTEA - Potential Investigation for the Use of Asphalt Inlays

POTEA is funded by:

Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Project duration:

August 2017  until July 2020

Project partners:

  • TU Braunschweig, Institute for Road Engineering (ISBS).
  • Institute for Structural Engineering Testing Dr.-Ing. Gauer GmbH (ifb)

Project content

Asphalt inlays have been used in rehabilitation and renewal construction for several decades without a scientifically validated quality assurance system being available to date. In connection with a multitude of different asphalt inlay products with different modes of action on the market, there is a great deal of uncertainty on the part of users among clients and contractors to the detriment of economically and long-term optimal areas of application.

Within the scope of the project, the effectiveness of the different asphalt inlay systems will be verified and quantified both empirically by recording the practical experience background and analytically by means of verified performance tests and service life predictions. For the analytical verification, a test system is being developed that can be used in future as part of the quality assurance of asphalt paving systems, taking into account various base properties, the asphalt paving including the laying agent (bitumen emulsion) and the new asphalt mix. A fracture-mecha-nical dimensioning module is developed, verified and applied for service life prediction. Furthermore, the reinforcing effect of asphalt inlays in asphalt pavements will be verified. The project results will be incorporated into the draft of a code of practice.