Fields of Research

ISAC teams up the research expertise and teaching activities of the three units Intelligent Embedded Systems, Measurement and Control and Control and System Theory with the following focus:

The institute investigates dynamic systems with the ability to adapt their behavior autonomously and purposefully (thus to a certain degree ‘intelligently’) to changing environments and requirements.  In contrast to conventional systems, for which the complete behavior is determined during design time, the adaptive systems comprise dedicated principles and algorithms to measure and interpret situations, to predict future interactions with the environment based on suitable models, and to compute and realize own actions optimally and timely with regard to time-varying objectives.

ISAC carries out fundamental research on new methods for:

  • sensor data acquisition and processing,
  • data and system analysis,
  • modeling and system identification,
  • control theory and design,
  • machine learning and organic computing,
  • as well as mathematical optimization, self-organization, and adaptation.

The considered class of systems is relevant for different application domains, as e.g.:

  • mobile and industrial robotics,
  • production processes,
  • automotive and traffic systems,
  • power grids and plants,
  • cyberphysical systems,
  • and medical technology.