PhD & Post-Doc Associated Fellows

University of Witten/Herdecke

NameDissertation Topic
Paula HaufeClimate Finance - Towards Just Transformation or Reinforcing Global Hierarchies?

Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar

NameDissertation Topic
Mahamadi GABAEnergy Transition and Climate Policy: The Contributions of Green Finance

Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID), Geneva

NameDissertation Topic
Ali MohsinCash Transfers and the Politics of Distribution in Pakistan: Ethnography of Pakistan's Benazir Income Support Program (BISP)

Ja­wa­har­l­al Neh­ru Uni­ver­si­ty

NameDissertation Topic
Chandan Kumar SharmaTrends and Patterns of Employment, Wages and Productivity in India’s Manufacturing Sector: An Analysis of Major States since the Early 1990s
Preksha MishraAsset Inequality and its implications for Education and Health outcomes in India since the early 1990s
Kamya Singh

Gender Relations in Contract Farming in India

Women in Basmati Rice Production: Evidence from the Ground


Uni­ver­si­ty of Tehran

NameDissertation Topic
Sajede MoghadamiA sociological study of  the role of faith-based organizations and grassroots groups in rural development (with emphasis on structure, plan, policy)
Hanan ZareA sociological study of women's role in the social development of urbanizing rural areas


Hum­boldt Uni­ver­si­ty of Ber­lin

NameDissertation Topic

Nina van der Puije

Decolonizing Evaluation Practice in the Development Sector. Towards the Acknowledgment of African Religious ‘Development Alternatives'


University of Kassel

NameDissertation Topic
Sabrina KellerDebt or Free. Social movements and the contestation of international debt relations
Prathiwi PutriCO-Water: From Conflict to Co-production: A Grassroots-Led Model of Polycentric Water Governance in the Postcolonial South
Mohammad Abu HajarCivic activism in post-2011 Syria and the role of NGOs
Mohammed AlamajdalawiThe Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip 1994-2007: False Freedom and Destructive Development
Sara FaezPoverty reduction in Iran:Islamic Post Development?
Biruk Fikadu GebreyessOrganic Farming Standards: Adoption, Diffusion and Impacts of Coffee Farming Certifications on Livelihoods of Cooperatives in Ethiopia
Dani HaudenschildPaving the Earth: Autobahn Infrastructure Development in Hessen, Germany
Ihtesham ul HaqPakistan's Repeated Balance of Payments Crises and Drawdowns on IMF Loans
Juri KilianEducational pathways of young refugees in Germany´s elderly care sector
Esther KronbeinGlobalisation and Solidarity: Transformations in the everyday economy of Busoga/ Uganda
Aishah NamukasaPursuing Decent Work for International Healthcare Workers
Eleonora Roldán MendivilGender and 'race' in modern capitalism. Towards a Marxist Methodology