Biruk Fikadu Gebreyess


University of Kassel (UKS, Germany)

Research Cluster


PhD Project Title

Organic Farming Standards: Adoption, Diffusion and Impacts of Coffee Farming Certifications on Livelihoods of Cooperatives in Ethiopia

Educational Background

  • 2011: Master of Science in agricultural sciences (rural development and agricultural extension), Haramaya University, Ethiopia
  • 2006: Bachelor of Science in Agricultural extension, Haramaya University, Ethiopia
  • 2017: Bachelor of Arts in economics from Jimma University, Ethiopia

Professional Experience

  • September 2011–January 2022: Assistant professor and researcher in College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Jimma University, Ethiopia

  • October 2006–September 2011: Instructor in Agarfa Agricultural Technical Vocational Educational and Training (ATVET) College, Ethiopia