Geofrey Muhairwe



Research Cluster


Prof. Dr. Julius Kiza, Ma­ke­re­re Uni­ver­si­ty

Prof. Dr. Sylvestre Ouédraogo, Uni­ver­sité des Sci­en­ces Ap­p­li­quées du Dé­ve­lop­pe­ment

PhD Project Title

Smart Technologies for Effective Service Delivery: The Case of Regulating Public Transport Service in Uganda.


Smart technologies involve the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analysis to provide cognitive awareness to objects that aid real time responses leading to efficiency. This study seeks to interrogate the Uganda government’s capacity to digitalize without compromising the security of its citizens through regulations. Smart technologies seem to be the way to organized well regulated and sustainable public service delivery. Digitized Public transport service in Uganda appears to be bringing a revolution within this sector with little state interventions. This study argues that state interventions in public service provision leads to sustainability of these services provided. Does Uganda as a state have the capacity to effectively digitalize to achieve sustainable service provision? Smart technologies eases data sharing within ministries departments and agencies leading to smart governance (the application of emergent information and communication technologies to improved decision making). The presence of smart infrastructure that aligns to current technologies leading to convenience, safety, security, sustainability, efficiency, and effectiveness is the basis for smart governance. A qualitative research method will be used to gather relevant data supplemented by the quantitative approach where applicable to assess the state capacity to digitalize and achieve sustainability in service provision and most particularly the digitized transport sector.

Key Words: Digitization, Digitalization and Smart technologies.

Educational Background

Professional Experience

  • July 2004 – October 2020: Managing Director Dollar Travel Services Ltd, Kampala Uganda