MA Thesis Research Grant Program 2023

General Information

The Global Partnership Network (GPN) offers 10 MA thesis research grants for students of social science and agriculture at the Unviersity of Kassel whose MA thesis research lays in the thematic scope of the GPN.

The Thesis Research Grant Program supports students whose research contributes to the revitalization of the global partnership for sustainable development (SDG 17) and more specifically to the GPN’s research agenda, which is organized around three research clusters:
Cluster 1: Partnership in development cooperation: access, accountability, and deep participation
Cluster 2: Partnership in the global economy: agriculture, finance and energy
Cluster 3: Partnership in knowledge production: Eurocentrism and alternative knowledge

What we offer

The grant is exclusively awarded to students at the University of Kassel for field research in ODA recipient countries in preparation for a Master’s thesis. It covers international travel costs (up to 850€) as well as a field research grant (500€) for up to three months.

Equal Opportunities

The GPN is committed to creating equal opportunities for MA students. We particularly encourage women and people from other marginalized groups to apply.

Application requirements

  1. Application Data Sheet (please note that applications missing this document will not be reviewed)

  2. Cover Sheet

  3. Curriculum Vitae

  4. M.A. proposal including topic, research question, short overview of the relevant literature, theoretical approach, research design and methodology, time plan for field research and connection to development and research cluster (5 pages)

  5. Recommendation letter from the supervisor