Of­fe­ne Stel­len

Dok­to­ran­den- und Post­Doc-Stel­len

In the framework of a BMBF project, a PhD position is available and to be offered to highly motivated student who intends to enhance her/his scientist carrier in the field of semiconductor quantum optics. She/he should have a high interest in basic experimental research and like working in an interdisciplinary environment. The research will be carried out in the Nano Optics group at the Institute of Nanostructure Technologies and Analytics, INA. The focus of the project is to grow, process (in clean room), characterize, and embed in resonators and pin-diode low density InP- based QDs. The final goal is to achieve high quality single QDs emitting around 1.55 µm for quantum information applications. The work will be performed in close collaboration with other project partners. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us (m.benyoucef[at]physik.uni-kassel[dot]de).


In the framework of a LOEWE project, we inivite strongly motivated people to apply for research assistant positions (two PhD students and one PostDoc) to join their Nano Optics group led by Priv.-Doz. Dr. M. Benyoucef as part of a new interdisciplinary project on Scalable Molecular Quantum Bits (SMolBits). The project’s focus is on understanding quantum effects in molecular systems integrated on solid state platform and for the development of a new concept for quantum computers and/or quantum processors. The project features the participation of interdisciplinary teams (Experimental and Theoretical Physics, Chemistry, and Electrical Engineering) and is coordinated by the Technological Physics. The State of Hesse is funding "SMolBits" with approx. 4.4 million euros over four years.


Es gibt an unserem Institut viele unterschiedliche Themenstellungen, die für Studenten/innen interessant sein könnten. Bei Interesse an einer HiWi-Stelle wenden Sie sich bitte an Herrn Prof. Dr. Reithmaier.

Vor­schlä­ge für Ba­che­lor- und Mas­ter­ar­bei­ten

Die aufgeführten Arbeiten dienen als Vorschläge und können auch modifiziert werden. Bei Interesse an einer Abschlussarbiet wenden Sie sich bitte an die jeweiligen Gruppenleiter unserer Arbeitsgebiete.