Workshop on Dynamics of QD Lasers

Date: Tuesday, 27.10.2015
Location: INA, University of Kassel, Germany



11:00Coming together coffee/tea10' 
11:10Welcome and purpose of meetingJ.P. Reithmaier 
11:15Narrow linewidth QD lasersAnnette Beckerdownload
(15' talk, 15' discussion)
11:45Theory on narrow linewidth lasersMarko Bjelica / Bernd Witzigmanndownload
(15' talk, 15' discussion)
12:15Superradiance and QD laser emissionMichael Lorke / Frank Jahnkedownload
(15' talk, 15' discussion)
12:45Discussion about linewidth and noiseall 
(15' discussion)
13:00Lunch1 h 
14:00New epitaxial QD laser materialSaddam Banyoudehdownload
(15' talk, 15' discussion)
14:30QD RWG lasers and small signal modulationAlireza Abdollahiniadownload
(15' talk, 15' discussion)
15:00Large signal modulation of QD lasersOri Eyal / Gadi Eisensteindownload
(15' talk, 15' discussion)
15:30Discussion about laser dynamicsall 
(30' discussion)
16:00Coffee break30' 
16:30Coherent light-matter interaction in QD SOAs at RTOuri Karni / Gadi Eisensteindownload
(15' talk, 15' discussion)
17:00Characterization of active medium in QD lasersWeng Chowdownload
(15' talk, 15' discussion)
17:30Brief status on QuCoS project and final goalsVitalii Sichkovskyidownload
(10' talk, 10' discussion)
17:50General discussionsall 
(20' discussion)
18:10Discussion about next stepsall 
(20' discussion)
18:30End of Workshop  



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