List of artworks: diversity, equity, and inclusion

Cinema: second floor, room 2298

Chen Juejun: Mechanical Resonance, 2023 film, 04:14 min

This work emerges from gestures that appear in my body from time to time; they are foreign and familiar. When I trace these poses anchored in my bones, I see a particular form.


Anja Kellner: Revolution gegen Raster, 2024 animation, 00:10 min

Grid out, don't riot. The revolts also rasterize. Recursively grid societies in transition. Rastert.


Anna Metta, Robin Rösing: KOMMA kicken! 2023 animation, 04:30 min

KOMMA is a political education project with a focus on media education for girls and queer young people. The gender-sensitive and gender-homogeneous framework of the program offered the participants a safe space to try out a sport that is supposedly not "typically for girls" and enabled them to share an empowering experience. At the same time, the young people were able to reflect on gender stereotypes and their effects during the interviews shown in the film.


Marlene Rabe: custome-cake-swap, 2023 animation, 01:34 min

There are two wolves inside of you. One wants to expose the violence that lies in heteronormativity. The other one wants to destroy binary gender roles. 


Seymoure Konnemann: Night Train, 2024 animation, 01:30 min

The animation "Night Train" is about the experience of waves of anxiety while being in public spaces, such as a train, as a gender-nonconforming person. I mostly mind my own business until some others start staring visibly longer than a normal glance, which causes fear in myself. In short, taking the train often causes me anxiety because I can't simply walk away if someone intends to cause harm. 


Yu Xiaoxuan, Yang Tianshu: Starren, 2024 animation, 05:43 min

The "Starren" is a 5 minutes and 43 seconds 2D animation created by Tianshu Yang and Xiaoxuan Yu. It tells an everyday story about staring and being stared at. Being stared at by others in public can often be an uncomfortable experience. Even though we understand that not every gaze is meant negatively, we still feel discomfort or insecure. So what can we do about it?


Theo Lucas: astro plant boy 68, 2024 animation, 07:58 min


Pascalina Krummenauer: in vivo neona, 2023 animation, 11:14 min

With using multiple associative techniques on a mixed media base, the short film 'In Vivo Neona' tries to stay close and direct to the emotions felt in the process of it's creation.


Paula Berger: Gelbe Karten & Lila Latzhosen, die Filmkamera, Fundstücke der Borkener Frauenbewegung, 2023 film, 05:54 min

What do a doorknob, purple overalls and a movie projector have in common? They all tell stories from the Borken women's movement. Ten Borken women from two generations meet to talk about the history of these objects. 


Exhibition _groundfloor, corridor

Anna Bellmann: Mother, 2023 performance (film documentation)

The work deals with the change, concealment and revelation of family history. The performance is dedicated to my great-great-grandmother, who, as a day laborer, raised an illegitimate child alone. As the father refused to recognize his son, she passed her own family name to her child - a huge scandal in her strictly catholic village. Although she is the founder of our family, her story was kept secret for generations and was only revealed 140 years later. 


Herr v. Rehtanz: das Unbehagen – Vergegenwärtigte Fragmente, 2021 film, book

Under the title The Unease - Fragmentary Recollection, the artist Herr v. Rehtanz is showing an excerpt from their graduation project. They undertake an autobiographical retrospective in which they reflect on their experience as a queer person with a history of migration in Germany.