In an open liquid desiccant process, air is dried and heated simultaneously when the water vapor is absorbed into the liquid desiccant solution. Depending on the application, absorption heat can be removed with an internal heat exchanger or it can be used to heat the air for drying and heating purposes. The deluted solution is concentrated again in the regenerator for example with heat driven from a solar heating system or waste heat.

The research activities comprise the development of absorber and regenerator components. The components are designed and set up. Experimental as well as numerical evaluations are carried out. Moreover, system investigations are carried out in the laboratory and in a field test plant. The heat and mass transfer is modelled with a finite difference model and various effectiveness modells. New and common liquid desiccant solutions are developed and analysed in cooperation with the institute of chemistry at Kassel University.



apl. Prof. Dr. Ulrike Jordan (Head of Department)

Dr. Daniel Fleig (Leader Sorption)