Scientific monitoring of projects in the context of the energy transition in Hesse

Brief description

In the framework agreement with the Landes Energie Agentur Hessen (LEA), scientific support is provided for innovative projects for the energy transition.

Initially, three projects will receive intensive support, and additional projects are planned. The scientific support will initially cover a "Fuel Cell System in the Höchst Hospital". Here, natural gas is used as a fuel. The system takes the oxygen needed for the electrochemical reaction from the air. The fuel cell generates electricity, which is supplied by an inverter. The heat generated in the process is transferred to the hospital's heating circuit via a heat exchanger. On the cathode side, the process produces oxygen-reduced exhaust air, which is fed into a server room for fire protection purposes.

In the project "Utilization of an ice storage tank in Friedrichsdorf", an ice storage tank is being investigated as a heat source for a large heat pump which feeds heat into a local heating network to supply residential buildings. The ice storage is charged by PVT collectors, among others. Two CHP units complete the overall system.

As a third project, a "wastewater waste heat utilization in Biebrich"is scientifically accompanied. Here, a wastewater heat exchanger is used to tap wastewater heat for a cold local heating network. The network distributes the waste heat at a low level and serves as a heat source for decentralized heat pumps.

Existing and specially installed measurement technology is used to record and evaluate extensive data from the individual systems. For this purpose, the department of solar and plant technology has a variety of self-developed digital tools (algorithms) for the automated processing and analysis of measurement data.

Based on this, an energetic evaluation and the evaluation of the operating behavior as well as an ecological and economic evaluation and the comparison with typical reference systems are carried out. In addition, anomalies in the plant operation are identified and suggestions for optimization measures of the investigated plant are developed.

The focus of the scientific support is on the evaluation of the function and efficiency of the overall system. The aim is to support further implementations of such systems with operating experience, characteristic values and recommendations.


Duration of the project:

01.04.2021 - 31.03.2025

Carried out on behalf of: LEA LandesEnergieAgentur Hessen GmbH

Within the framework of: "Scientific support of projects in the context of the

energy transition"

Project partner:

Enertracting GmbH

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