Process Heat

Process heat

Brewery with solar thermal collectors

Nearly three quarters of end use energy in industry is used for heat supply. Approximately one-third of this heat requirement falls below 250°C, in which renewable technologies for heat supply, such as solar thermal, PV, heat pumps or CHP, can be effectively integrated. The Process Heat group, located within the Solar and Systems Engineering Department and under the direction of Felix Pag, is currently researching methods to optimally size, design, and integrate renewable and energy efficient technologies into industrial heat consumers, with a main focus on solar derived thermal energy.

In both national and international projects, integration concepts are being developed with industrial partners to identify heat recovery potentials and renewable energy possibilities, with the goal to reduce the fossil fuel consumption for both economic and ecological reasons. Furthermore, the group is in constant contact with project planners and policy makers to provide expert advice to help advance to adoption of renewable process heat within Germany and the World.


Felix Pag (Leader Process Heat)