District Heating and Municipal Heat Planning

About 50% of end use energy in the EU is heat. The division "District Heating and Municipal Heat Planning" develops solutions to reduce this energy demand by increasing efficiency and to integrate renewable heat. The investigation scope is analysis, efficiency enhancement and transformation of existing and new heat supply systems.

The research activities include:

  • Analysis and modelling of load profiles on building and system level
  • Development of heat cadastres and heat demand scenarios
  • Thermo-hydraulic modelling of district heating systems
  • Mathematical optimization of system configurations and operational strategies for heat supply and distribution
  • Business models and incentives in district heating
  • development of innovative heat supply systems for buildings, processes and city districts
  • Integration of renewable energy sources into new and existing heat supply systems
  • Development of innovative heat supply systems
  • Method development for heat planning


The range of methodologies covers experimental studies and monitoring, mathematical modelling and optimization of all components of district heating systems as well as GIS based analysis and planning of heat supply areas.


Dr.-Ing. Janybek Orozaliev (Leader Thermal Components and Systems)

Current projects

Completed projects