Course: Advanced practical course mechanical engineering: Materials analysis using X-rays


  • Dr.-Ing. Alexander Liehr


  • With special methods using X-rays, a number of important material and component properties can be determined non-destructively. These include the atomic structure and the microstructure of the materials used as well as the proportions of different phases, but also residual stresses and textures. Because this allows the strength, service life and failure of components to be realistically assessed, these methods have become very important in industrial practice.
    In the course of the practical course, the fundamentals of the methods are discussed and deepened in the course of own experiments.

Important information

  • The course takes place in the winter semester.
  • It can be recognized as a lecture or advanced practical course in mechanical engineering.
  • Acceptance as a lecture: Prerequisite is attendance of the lectures and the laboratory practical as well as a final presentation graded at least "sufficient". In this case, 3 credits will be recognized.
  • Acceptance as advanced practical course in mechanical engineering: Prerequisite is attendance of the lectures and the practical course in the laboratory as well as the submission of a practical course report graded at least with "sufficient". In this case, 3 experiments (4 credits) are recognized.


  • Internship report


  • Registration in HIS is required.
    Participants will be admitted immediately until the max. number is reached. After that, registration in a waiting list is possible. If an admitted participant deregisters, the next one on the waiting list automatically moves up.
  • The practical course cannot be taken at the same time as a credit for the lecture "Materials analysis with X-rays".
  • All information and documents will be published this semester via Moodle ( Students who have registered in HIS by October 9, 2022 will receive the registration key for this course by mail on October 10, 2022.

This course will be held in German.