Solar thermal heating of gas pressure regulating stations

Short Description

Gas pressure regulating stations (GPRS) are used worldwide in natural gas supply networks to reduce the pressure from the long-distance transport level to consumer level. The gas expansion is endothermic, thus requires an external heat supply to prevent freezing of plant components and ensure gas supply security. Natural gas-fired boilers are used to preheat the gas, causing considerable costs and CO2 emissions. Due to the preheating temperature level and an almost stationary heat demand throughout the year, GPRS have good operating conditions for an economic use of solar thermal systems. The aim of the project is to integrate solar thermal systems in GPRS, where no experience is available so far. To finance the solar thermal system, a contracting model is to be developed, which can be applied to GPRS and far beyond to other applications. The implementation of a contracting model and the application at hand place very specific requirements on the plant technology to be used, which will be developed as part of the project.

The Department of Solar and Systems Engineering is responsible for planning, simulation and scientific monitoring of the project.


2010 to 2012

Cooperation partners

  • FSAVE Solartechnik GmbH
  • E.ON Mitte AG
  • BS-Messtechnik UG


Funded by the Hessen Agentur within the framework of LOEWE - Landes-Offensive zur Entwicklung Wissenschaftlich-ökonomischer Exzellenz

HA-Project-Nr.: 238/10-14