FeDet - Entwicklung, Untersuchung und Anwendung von Methoden zur Langzeitüberwachung und automatisierten Fehlerdetektion großer solarunterstützter Wärmeversorgungsanlagen

Short description

In order to achieve the best performance of a solar heating system, an automatic function control with fault detection and fault diagnosis is desirable. The goal of the "FeDet" research project was to develop and enhance a flexible multi-level system for fault detection and diagnosis that can deal with different boundary conditions such as the available measurement instrumentation or required accuracy for fault detection. For that purpose, algorithms for detecting several important faults in large solar heating systems were developed. The underlying unified approach makes it also possible to integrate existing methods for fault detection in solar heating systems. Studies showed that air in the solar loop is a frequent source of malfunctions. Therefore, the impacts of air in the solar loop and their detection constituted a research topic of particular interest within the project. In addition, the project included the installation of two large solar heating systems in two in multi-family houses. They are equipped with extensive measurement instrumentation and can be used for experiments under real life conditions.


06.2011 - 12.2014


Supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, project number 0325975A

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  • Viessmann Werke Allendorf
  • Bosch Solarthermie Wettringen
  • FSAVE Solartechnik Kassel