Modellierung eines Plattenwärmeüberträgers für Frischwasserstationen

Short description

The dynamic modeling of a plate heat exchange was executed in the framework of a research assignment from the company Wagner Solar GmbH. The aim was to create a model with the software MATLAB Simulink, which depicts the widely varying operating conditions in the heat exchanger of a fresh water station with high accuracy.
For this purpose, extensive investigations were carried out at the plate heat exchanger. Using a test rig, the heat exchanger was operated with varying fluctuating fluid streams at different temperatures. High attention was paid to the temperature measurement, which enabled a short response time and simultaneously high accuracy. The recorded data were used to validate the model.
The model is a cell model, in which the heat flow and enthalpy flow of each cell have been balanced. Beside the geometrical parameters only the coefficients for determine the Nusselt number are required for parameterizing the model. This is a purely physical model that represents tapping, pump standstill and the intermittent pump operation.
The comparison between measurements and simulations shows a very good agreement. Even at highly dynamic operation, the model calculates the measured temperature gradients precisely and fulfills the desired requirements.


03.2013 - 02.2014


Financed by Wagner Solar GmbH