Literature and information supply

Special borrowing conditions for scientific staff members

Special Library Card

The special Library Card allows university employees working in research and teaching at the University of Kassel for a minimum period of employment of 5 months to borrow up to 150 media for an extended period of time. The Special Card - Conditions and Application

Reserve collections for professors

Professors are entitled to set up a personal reference library, which is exclusively available to them and their staff. Setting up a reserve collection - this is how it works

Access to electronic resources

Access from outside the university network

While some e-book providers allow access via Shibboleth authentication, other e-books can only be accessed from the library catalog KARLA. Therefore, if you want to refer your students to an e-book, you should always give them the URL of the resource in KARLA (e.g., instead of the direct link to the e-book. From KARLA, your students will be able to access the e-book even if they are not inside the university network.

Further information about e-media

A special case: The Elsevier delivery service

Kassel University Library offers its users a service for ordering Elsevier journal articles that are no longer accessible free of charge. If you also need the appendix ("Supporting Information") of an ordered article, please indicate this in the "Comments" field of the order form.


Suggest books for purchase

Missing a particular work or resource in our holdings? Here's what you can do:

Submit purchase suggestions for books / e-books / other media

Contact your subject librarian to suggest resources needed for research and teaching for purchase. For single suggestions, our purchase suggestion form can also be used. If necessary, we will be happy to research whether a campus license for the electronic version can be purchased.

Suggesting journals or databases for purchase

Journals and databases are funded by the university library from a central, interdisciplinary budget. Requests for new acquisitions can be submitted by departmental staff through the subject librarian. If you have any questions, please contact your subject librarian.