The University Library holds a large number of e-books, e-journals, e-papers and databases. All electronic media (licensed and free) are listed and accessible via the KARLA catalogue portal. Licensed e-journals can also be accessed via the Electronic Journals Library (EZB), for databases the access can alternatively be used via the Database Information System (DBIS).

Generally, all library users can access licensed e-media – provided they have a valid library card.
With regard to accessibility please note the license conditions of the individual offers.

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests regarding our electronic media, please feel free to contact the e-media group.

Access to e-media

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Within the campus network

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Outside the campus network

You can restrict your hit list to e-media by using filters in the KARLA catalogue portal.

  • Select Online under the heading Access Type in Books & more. If you want to further restrict your search to different types of publications like books or journals, choose this setting under the heading Format.
  • Select the search limiter Linked Full text in Articles & more. This will show all media that have been licensed by the University Library as well as open access media.

Access to e-journals is granted via the Electronic Journals Library (EZB). The traffic light symbol next to each specific journal title indicates whether the University Library has access to the journal in question

  • Green - free access
  • Yellow - License for Kassel University
  • Red - no license for Kassel University

Whether a specific volume of the journal is accessible, is indicated under Online availability: fulltexts available.

The Datenbase Information System (DBIS) lists all available databases. You will find information about the contents of each database in the full entry. There are also coloured icons similar to the Electronic Journals Library.


This database is accessible only to university members. To Login at the HAN server from outside the university network, either enter your library card number or your uni-account. You also need to register on the Beck platform. Enter your university e-mail address when registering, private e-mail addresses will not be accepted. You will need to use your personal login on the Beck-online platformwithin the university network as well.

Read more in our Blog or refer to our Videotutorials.

Special conditions of use for Beck-online

This database is accessible only to university members from outside the university network. To Login at the HAN server from outside the university network, either enter your library card number or your uni-account. Access is possible for all patrons of the library within the university network.


Whether downloading is completely or partially possible or not allowed at all depends on the licence conditions from the publishing house or provider. You can find an overview in the conditions of use.


  • A window opens and asks you to login at Ebook Central (Melden Sie sich an bei Ebook Central… Konto erstellen oder Anmelden). The service behind this is called demand driven acquisition (DDA).
  • A certain number of e-books listed in KARLA will only be acquired once patrons view and suggest them. This helps to spend our budget efficiently and to expand our holdings in line with users’ needs.
  • How to continue reading the e-book? Register once with your e-mail address and choose a password. Then you can make a purchase request. We will check this and get back to you as soon as possible (usually within one day). This service is free of charge. Purchase request

E-papers are daily and weekly newspapers published online. The University Library offers access to numerous titles. You can find a list under Newspapers as E-Papers.


In the Murhard Library at Brüder-Grimm-Platz, we offer newspaper tablets for you to use our electronic services on site. The devices can be borrowed and returned at the service desk.

The tablets provide access to the following apps:

  •     Pressreader
  •     E-Paper HNA (current issue + archive)
  •     Onleihe
  •     Electronic Journals Library (EZB)
  •     Database Information System (DBIS)
  •     as well as direct access to the various electronic press services licensed by the University Library.

Please note the terms of use.