Open Access Monographs

Even if print editions continue to be the standard form when it comes to book publications, e-books have now become largely established as parallel options. More and more publishing houses also offer Open Access availability for e-books and charges are made for this.

Since mid-2021 we subsidize Open Access fees for books from our Publication Fund, provided that particular conditions are met.

Amount of subsidies

  • Open Access monographs can be proportionately subsidised up to a maximum gross figure of EUR 4,000 (incl. VAT). If the fees exceed this figure, other funds have to be used additionally. If this is the case, please get in touch with us.
  • Thanks to special funding, publications that have been produced as part of a DFG grant can be subsidized with up to EUR 5,000 (incl. VAT).
  • Both pure OA online publications and hybrid publications (print and OA) can be funded. Pure printing costs are excluded from funding.

Eligible publishing houses

Publications that can be subsidised

  • Monographs, textbooks
  • PhD theses and post-doctoral lecturing qualifications submitted to and completed at the University of Kassel
  • Editorial publications or anthologies, if at least one editor works at the University of Kassel. Exceptions may be approved in special cases.
  • Conference proceedings alone are not subsidised. Subsidies for collections with selected, particularly important or outstanding contributions for the purpose of preserving the results in the fairly long term and further circulation are possible.
  • In the case of commemorative publications, there must be a clear reference to the University of Kassel, e.g. Kassel editors, a Kassel person celebrating a jubilee and/or contributions mainly from research scientists based in Kassel.

Other subsidy conditions

  • Only previously unpublished works will be funded.
  • Free access to the electronic version of a book exists before or at the same time as the print edition appears.
  • If the open access fee has already been funded through consortial financing/crowdfunding such as knowledge unlatched/open library, the remaining costs (author's fee) are de facto printing costs and cannot be covered by our fund.
  • The publication can be publicly read with a free licence, We strongly recommend the use of CC BY or CC BY-SA licenses, without any financial, legal or technical barriers.
  • The author’s/editor’s affiliation with the University of Kassel is explicitly mentioned in the publication.
  • Subsidies can be provided for no more than 2 publications per person and year.

The University Library makes the final decisions about whether to offer subsidies!


Applications for subsidies should be made as soon as the publishing house has provided the go-ahead and/or the cost calculations are available from the publishing house that has been selected. Any promise of funds by us is valid for one year. If the material has not been published during this time, a new application must be made. Please feel free to ask us about the prospects of subsidies at an earlier date.


Please send an informal e-mail to: openaccess[at]bibliothek.uni-kassel[dot]de and provide the following information:

  • the publishing house
  • the title of the book
  • the authors/editors
  • the type of publication (thesis, anthology, ...)
  • the amount of the open access publication fee according to the publisher's calculation. Print copies must be shown separately, if applicable.

All incoming applications are checked for compliance with the aforementioned conditions.

If possible, please always request invoices for your publication from publishers according to the specifications of the finance department, indicating your own cost center, which must be visible on the first page of the invoice. PDF invoices must be sent to rechnung[at]uni-kassel[dot]de, invoices in digital formats to Xrechnung[at]uni-kassel[dot]de.

Invoices from publishers from EU countries must show the VAT no. of the University of Kassel, which is DE 113057055, so that no local VAT is charged. The University's finance department will add the German VAT to all foreign invoices and pay it directly to the tax authorities.

If the publication costs are to be split between your institute and the library according to the agreement, a joint invoice is sufficient, which will then be split between the respective cost centers within the university. In this case, you or your secretariat can split the invoice in the electronic invoice processing system via SAP/XFlow. You enter only the costs for your cost center, the library covers the remaining costs from its own cost center. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If the publication costs are to be split between the library and you as an individual and/or another funding source, ask the publisher for corresponding partial invoices in due time to avoid having to pay in advance. The following guidelines apply to partial invoicing to the library:

We require the following information on the first page of all incoming invoices and credit notes; only in this way can the invoice be forwarded directly to the responsible office and processed:

  • Client (= Universitätsbibliothek Kassel - Sachgebiet E-Books).
  • KSt 3006 /
  • Diagonale 10, 34127 Kassel, Germany

If this information is missing, we reserve the right to reject the invoice after a transition period.