Access outside the Campus Network

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Access via the HAN-Server

Students and university staff can access electronic media from off-campus as well . Use the full text link in the specific KARLA catalogue entry. You will be directed to the login of the HAN-Server. Login with your library card number and the corresponding password. You will then be directed to the item you are looking for.

Please note that URLs via the HAN-Server are NOT citable.

Access from outside for Non-university users is limited to media, where the provider has given permission. If access is prohibited, the HAN-server will display an error message. But you can view and download the desired e-media on the library's computers instead.

Access to the licensed e-media of the UB via the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client is NOT possible!

Access via Shibboleth - for university members only

More and more providers support Shibboleth as an access method for location-independent use of licensed e-media.

With the Shibboleth method, you can log in to the provider website with your university account and thus gain access to our licensed e-media.

List of all providers with access information