Digital signal processing with integrated circuits

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Digital signal processing with integrated circuits


Due to the stringent requirements of many digital signal processing applications, such as baseband demodulation of a cell phone signal, these algorithms can often only be implemented with highly optimized integrated circuits. The design poses special challenges to the chip or FPGA designer, as a trade-off between signal quality, or Q of the result, and processing speed, power consumption and chip area (logic resources) has to be found.

In the course, important algorithms of digital signal processing are introduced and different architectures for their realization are discussed. The basics taught in the lecture parts will be put into practice in group exercises using the software tool Matlab.

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The course is primarily aimed at computer scientists, electrical engineers and mechatronics engineers with a focus on "Computer Engineering" or with an interest in modern design methods of digital signal processing.  

  • Basics of Digital Signal Processing, VLSI and FPGAs
  • Number representations 
  • Realization of arithmetic circuits 
  • Implementation concepts of data path oriented algorithms 
  • Realization of selected components (digital filters, FFT) 
  • Concrete applications


Desirable but not required prerequisites are the VHDL course or equivalent and Signal Processing with Microprocessors.  


All materials (lecture slides, exercise sheets, ...) as well as a forum can be found in Moodle of the University of Kassel. Please log in to Moodle in any case, as current information is disseminated via Moodle. 


The course will take place during the summer semester on Tuesdays,  between 13:00 and 16:00 in room WA 0334 (seminar room FG).


Digital Signal Processing:

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Kammeyer; Digital Signal Processing; 7th edition (2009).


U. Meyer-Baese; Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays; 3rd edition (2007).


K. K. Parhi; VLSI Digital Signal Processing Systems; (1999). 

Proof of performance

The certificate of achievement will be given in the form of an oral examination. The exact modalities will be announced in the course.