Re:Coding Algorithmic Culture [GER/EN]

The research project "Re:Coding Algorithmic Culture" - funded by the Volkswagen Foundation - is a collaborative project between research groups Gender/Diversity in Informatics Systems (University of Kassel), Sociology of the Diversity (University of Kassel) and Visual Communication (Kunsthochschule Kassel). Originally funded until February 2021 the project has been extended by the VW Stiftung until November 2021 with its extended module “Re:Coding Algorithmic Cultures of the Pandemic – The Example of Social Distancing”.

The project participants investigate questions of how algorithmically based collections, classifications and interpretations of data can perpetuate existing social inequalities/discrimination – and also challenge, if not redefine them. Research formats are hackathons, game jams, coding workshops, participatory design labs, design noir experiments, performances, exhibitions as well as video and text analyses. These interdisciplinary labs are meant to be critical, queer-feminist, anti-racist and work with de colonial knowledge in digital-real space.


Contact: Loren Britton