Publications 2011

Conference Proceedings

  • P. Lehmann, M. Schulz,
    Fiber-Coupled Microoptical Interferometric Sensor for Precision Engineering Applications,
    10th IMEKO Symposium, VDI-Berichte 2156 (2011) 23-29.
  • P. Lehmann, W. Xie, J. Niehues, P. Kühnhold,
    Resolution Analysis and Enhancement in 3D Optical Profilometry,
    Proceedings 50th NCSL Symposium 2011.
  • W. Xie, J. Niehues, P. Lehmann,
    Übertragungsverhalten von tiefenscannenden Weißlichtinterferometern,
    XXV. Messtechnisches Symposium des AHMT e.V., Karlsruhe, 22.-24. September 2011. 
  • J. Niehues, P. Lehmann,
    Low coherent Linnik interferometer optimized for use in Nano Measuring Machines,
    Proceedings 57th IWK Ilmenau, 2011.
  • J. Niehues, P. Lehmann,
    Improvement of lateral resolution and reduction of batwings in vertical scanning white-light interferometry,
    SPIE Procedings 8082, (2011) 80820W.
  • P. Kühnhold, P. Lehmann, J. Niehues,
    Disperison optimized white light interferometer based on a schwarzschild objective,
    SPIE Procedings 8082, (2011) 80822Q.